St John’s Fremantle

8:00 AM Choral Eucharist
10:30 AM Eucharist
5:00 PM Evening Prayer

Monday – 12:30 PM Eucharist
Tuesday – 8:00 AM Eucharist
Wednesday – 12:30 PM Eucharist
Thursday – 8:00 AM Eucharist
Friday – 12:30 PM Eucharist

St Peter’s Palmyra

9:15 AM Sung Eucharist

10:00 AM Eucharist

Eucharist (from the Greek word for thanksgiving) is gathering around the Lord’s table to pray for God’s world, and to be fed for the Christian journey of faith, hope and love.

Eucharist is sometimes known as the Lord’s Supper, the Holy Communion, the Divine Liturgy, or the Mass.

There is always a brief homily linking the scriptures for the day to the realities of contemporary life.

The St John’s Fremantle Choir sings the 8am Choral Eucharist each Sunday.